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What Not to Wear If You're Over 50

As we age, it is essential to update our wardrobe too in order to ensure we are always looking and feeling our best.


Reaching 50 is a major life milestone and should be celebrated, but once you are in your fifties and beyond, there are definitely some style trends and looks that need to stay in the past too. Here is what not to wear if you are over 50.

Avoid Hiding Your Figure

For some women, getting older can make you feel like you want to hide your figure but this is a huge fashion faux pas. Hiding under lots of layers such as jumpers, fleeces or baggy trousers and skirts will only age you and add years unnecessarily.


Instead, be sure to continue to dress for your body type, highlighting the areas you love whilst drawing attention away from the areas you may not love quite so much. Swamping yourself in relaxed fit clothing may seem more comfortable, but unless you are dropping the grandchildren to school or taking the dog for a walk, then you should really steer clear of oversized and frumpy clothing.

Avoid Lower Waistlines

Lower waistlines may have been popular once upon a time, but they are a definite fashion no-no for the over fifties woman. A lower waistline can make you seem larger than you are, and can often create an unflattering bulge when layered with other clothing. Instead, choosing high waisted items is the way forward.


High waisted skirts, trousers and even jeans are very flattering for older women, creating the illusion of an hourglass shape whilst clearly concealing any lumps and bumps too. Choosing a jacket that finishes at the waistline, or tucking in your shirt or t shirt, can also help you enhance your shape and make you look fresh and fashionable whilst still age appropriate.

Don't Rely on Black

Getting older can sometimes mean losing confidence in our style and relying on a simple colour palette, such as wearing lots of black, in order to conceal our figures is a common go-to for many older women.


However, although black is definitely a great staple colour to choose, don't be afraid to add a pop of colour too, especially with your shoes, accessories or jewellery. Colour is playful and can really liven up even the most simplest of looks to keep you feeling gorgeous and ensure you never fade into the background.

Avoid Following Fashion Too Closely

Whilst hitting the big 5-0 doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to feeling fashionable forever, it is important to be aware of what is in style and what is simply a passing trend.


When browsing online and reading fashion blogs and magazines, always be sure to decide how an item would look on you first and foremost, rather than just wearing something that is popular.


Instead, why not opt to incorporate elements of a trend rather than dressing head to toe in the latest styles? For example, try updating your look with on trend fashion accessories rather than an entire look head to toe and avoid loud make-up looks that are firmly targeted at a younger market.